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The market Vucciria

The Vucciria is the oldest market of Italy, " Vuccirìa " in Sicilian means " Confusion " , the confusion of voices that overlap and the cries of the vendors ( the abbanniati ) is one of the elements that most characterizes this market Palermo.
The proximity to the port of Palermo allowed the settlement of many merchants and traders of many Italian country as Genoa, Pisa , Venice , etc. . and international since the twelfth century. The presence of numerous craftsmen is still readable by the names of some streets ( Via Chiavettieri , Materassai street , Via dei Tintori , etc. . ) .
The term comes from the French boucherie Bucceria which means butcher . The market was in fact initially composed of many butchers and for slaughter and sale of meat. Later it became a market for the sale of fish , fruit and vegetables. Formerly it was called " the great Bucciria " to distinguish it from the smaller markets .
The capital of the Italian street food is certainly Palermo , in the most important international journals of the food capital of Sicily is in fifth place after Bangkok , Singapore, Penang and Marrakech, and it is in Vucciaria that you can find still buffittieri (from the French buffet, table , bar) , serving local specialties prepared at the time of makeshift shelves as arancini ( rice balls stuffed with meat sauce and cheese) , croquettes ( potato balls ) , fritters ( chickpea fritters ) and cardoons ( artichoke thistle stalks ) etc etc .
Our Bed and Breakfast " Alla Loggia of the Leopard " is located right in the historic center of Palermo in the Vucciria , a former mansion elegantly renovated historical spend relaxing stays immersed in the history and culture of an important piece of Palermo.